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Trueblue provides products and CRM services in more than 35 countries in the world.


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operative suite

Operational Suite

Customer experience is a competitive advantage

Analytical Suite

Analytical Suite

Integrate, monitor and analyse data for the business of pharma companies

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Expertise, innovation and quality dedicated to the pharma world



Today, many activities and services dedicated to the Sales Force need to be managed with more attention than in the past



Trueblue provides its solutions, staff and organization to manage these activities on behalf of the pharma companies according to a Business Process Outsourcing- BPO approach.

Besides, the modules of the Pharma CRM Trueblue Suite are deeply connected to the BPO offered services, as their aim is to manage services in the most efficient way and minimize manual error.
In addition to the Customer Match & Clean Service and the Business Reporting Service, other dedicated services are grouped in the following three areas: 

Added-value Services

  • Territorial Reorganization Service

Territories management, reorganization and monitoring and starting-up activities for new lines or Business Units

Integration Services

  • Call Center Service and Multi Channelling Service – through the Multi-channel module

Inbound and/or outbound calls and Web 2.0 channels integration 

Operational Services 

  • Expenses Management – through the Expenses management module of the Operational CRM 

Expenses, meals and lodging check and consistency of the car mileage check

  • Samples management – through the samples management module of the Operational CRM

Planning samples delivery and check over delivered and stock samples

  • Events management – through the Events Management CRM

Operational congress management activities 

Customer Database Match & Clean

Thanks to its cooperation with various multinational companies, Trueblue is highly qualified in providing a Match & Clean Service, which can be delivered as:

  • One-off match & clean of accounts data stored into CRM and ERP systems owned by the Company;
  • Continuous monthly match & clean of accounts data stored into CRM and ERP systems owned by the Company.

This service permits to:

  • Identify different customer codes related to the same account;
  • Map the different accounts’ hierarchies existing on ERP and CRM systems;
  • Develop operational reporting based on the single customer, such as the sales history of a specific account, the sales and the sales force activities of a specific account, etc.
  • Precisely assign each account to each rep’s territory, based on the performed analyses;

Through automatic extractors, data from multiple systems and/or Corporate Databases are daily uploaded into the unique Customer Database.
Afterwards, the following activities are performed in a dedicated Validation Tool:

  • Customer data Validation (homonymies check)
  • Match & Clean with similar accounts’ description coming from other systems
  • Manual activities to match accounts
  • Addition of the accounts’ National Health Code

Business Reporting

Thanks to the experience directly gained with its Field Force Effectiveness services, Trueblue boasts the creation of a couple of hundreds reports based on over 300 KPIs, sorted by relevance and data source.

Moreover, its skills are developed for and dedicated to the Life Sciences industry only. 
Therefore, Trueblue’s Business Reporting Service is able to supply a set of dedicated, user-friendly and flexible reports also to Companies that do not intend to buy the entire Data Warehouse suite.
Trueblue provides this service through two steps. First, an analysis is performed, whose objective is to define, select and validate data sources and architectures. Then, the Customer Data warehouse solution can be easily configured and developed.

Standard reports provided by the Business Reporting Service analyze not only activities’ data from the CRM but also internal and market sales data - IMS. The infrastructure built and used by Trueblue to implement the Customer Data warehouse system enables the customer to integrate and manage new information and data from several other sources at any time, Initiatives, Hospital Tenders, Key Account Managements, Websites, Semantic Intelligence.

These reports can be delivered in two formats:

  • Trueblue’s standard format specific country by country
  • A customized format defined by the Client

Business Reporting Services are based on Trueblue’s Cloud Computing architecture.


Cloud Computing & SaaS

Trueblue’s Private Cloud Infrastructure and the SaaS approach are part of its strategic roadmap towards the Cloud Computing. Thus, all Trueblue’s solutions are now available as SaaS.

Trueblue’s Private Cloud Computing infrastructure, hosted in its own Data Center, permits to use Trueblue’s solutions without installing them on premise into the customer’s data center.

This is the most flexible solution for customers preferring to buy Trueblue’s suite. First, they would not need to install, adjust and maintain their infrastructure, which can be a burden.
Second, they would avoid licensing software costs, which are required when an on premise solution is adopted.
Finally, delivery times are very short, as no customization is needed and the users’ number can change anytime.

Moreover, on the one hand the renowned convenience of Trueblue’s systems has not changed,


 on the other hand the usual process required for the on premise installation is no longer needed. As a matter of fact, both business software and data are protected and stored in Trueblue’s infrastructure and are segregated for each client.

The start-up of a new CRM solution has never been easier!

Therefore, the Private Cloud Computing solution offers several advantages: 

  • More flexibility
  • Easier integration of new modules
  • Higher data security
  • Faster implementations and updates
  • Top class Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • No customers’ maintenance activities needed



Our experience at the service of the pharma industry



Operational Suite

Customer experience is a competitive advantage for pharma companies

Operational Suite


Analytical Suite

Integrate, monitor and analyse data for the business of pharma companies

Analytical Suite



For more than 20 years, Trueblue has been cooperating with the marketing and commercial divisions of the main multinational pharma companies